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Ding Dong Ravers Join Soca Train Ahead Of Carnival 2020

Written by on January 24, 2020

Ding Dong is adding some Soca flavour to his catalog.

Ding Dong is the latest Dancehall artiste to lend their vocals to a Soca beat with his latest track, “Run Up And Down.”

The track comes days after Olympian Usain Bolt announced his feature on the remix of a track with Ultimate Rejects.

Ding Dong took to Instagram on Wednesday to tease fans with a preview of the upcoming track. In the clip, the deejay is seen vibing to the high energy track with Radio personality Zj Sparks.

The track sees Zj Sparks teaming up with Dan Evens from Martinique once again for production. The two previously collaborated on the track “Yes Goodie.”

“Soca family dem seh mi fi do a soca song… who go tell mi fi do a soca song bout ya Sparkie,” the deejay says before teasing the track.

Sparks admitted that the track may turn off some soca purest, but went on to defend inter-Caribbean partnerships.

“You’re going to have the naysayers, but it’s just a vibe. It’s just whole heap of energy. We just do it for fun!” she told The Star.

Ding Dong also echoed her sentiments, while also assuring fans that it was not just a move to capitalize on the genre.

“It’s not to take advantage of it. It’s one Caribbean. You have soca artistes now doing collaborations with dancehall artistes. I never look at it as they are invading our space, or we are invading theirs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sparks revealed that there are more fusion tracks on the way, with a special collaboration on the horizon.

“There’s another artiste from another island we’re doing a collab with. I not going to tell you who the artiste is yet, but the artiste is now working on their part. So right now, what you have is Jamaica, Martinique, and I will not tell you the other island because you might be able to figure out who the artiste is. But, it’s not a republic. It’s another island in CARICOM,” she said.

Ding Dong has performed on several soca events in the past such as like I Love Soca. His high energy music has also remained a staple for soca disc jocks throughout Carnival season.

Written by Delroy Jackson January 25, 2020

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