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The Podcast "Homegrown with G Cole" is a candid, funny, unbiased view of real life events that affect our communities, through the eyes of Singer/Songwiter/Podcast Host and music enthusiast - G Cole. G Cole was born in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and now resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he interviews Artists, Entrepreneurs, Music Legends, Community Leaders, Members of Government, Health Professionals, Public Speakers and members of the Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora. There is no room for boredom as between conversations he will take you on a sweet reggae ride with music from yesterday and today.

DJ Crown Prince noir alighted from Jack's River Saint Mary Jamaica WI. Let Jah be praised, love and respect.

Dj Aska grew up in Kingston 7 Jamaica, August Town to be exact. My love for music started from school days. My father used to play a lot of Studio One’s , Ska and Souls music in the car and at home everyday. I used to sing and dance along every chance I get although I can’t do either well, LOL . Growing up with sounds such as Silver Hawk Sound next door, General Sound in the same community, being friends and hanging out with Richie General was where my selection and mixing skills grew. In 1998 I built Askel Int’l sound system in Denver, Colorado where I keep the dance floor packed and the crowd entertained. A close friend (Sire) who manages popular clubs in Denver, invited me to his radio show as a guest DJ. Afterwards, I went on to hosting two radio stations and the rest is history. Check out "Flava Fridaze" with DJ Aska from Askel International every Friday starting 3 PM to 6 PM EST

I was born in the Parish of St. James, Jamaica - Veronica Shaw now Veronica Crooks (RT). As a child, I loved listening to music and singing in the local church. Now I'm living in South Florida. I'm a mother of three beautiful boys, Graduated from BCC, earned a bachelor’s degree and now working as a Radiology Technologist at a local hospital. I still find time doing what I love which is music; going by Dj “Lady V", I plays at various events. Listen to "Thursday Link Up" with Lady V eery Thursday starting at 3pm to 6pm EST.

Glamma Penn found his passion for sound systems after graduating from High School and took on the art of Djing seriously. His style caught the attention of people and it granted him opportunity play on many sounds including Eagle Force, Kenyatta, Stacy’s Sound, 4 By 4 Exodus, Jam One, Titanium Extacy Sound. Glamma Penn now resides on Basement Squad. Glamma Penn was asked why he loves playing music. His answer was because it takes him to another place spiritually to what no words can express. Due to this feeling, he tries to make his music take the audience to this place as well.

Djskru-Courtney {fb)- is a Florida based mobile DJ. Enjoys making people dance and drinking white rum. Dislikes hypocrites, parasites and fake friends. #_djskru {ig) Tune in to "Wah Gwaan Wensdaze" every Wednesday starting 9pm to 12 Midnight EST.

DJ Renegade attended Norman Manley High School and graduated 1986. Right after graduating high school he went and played on the sound Gemini with Glamma Wayne. He then started playing on Stone Love and that was where the name Renegade was formed. He then joined One Blood Sound and now call Muzik Nashun home. You can catch Renegade’s Show Legendary Sundays from 9 am to 12 Noon.

“Curphy Grant" aka DJ Curphy is a music lover who graduated from the dancehalls of Jah Love, Jack Ruby, Emperor Faith, etc., during the 1980s. He’s currently the Monday night host of ‘Selector’s Choice’, from 9 pm to 12 am on Jus Muzic, the award-winning internet radio. After many years as a New Yorker, DJ Curphy now lives in Broward and works in Miami for a financial institution. His favorite music genre is the rocksteady/reggae/dancehall/rub a dub tunes from the 70s and 80s. Listen to "Selectors Choice" with DJ Curphy every Tuesday starting 9.00 pm - Midnight EST.

At a early age Dj Moe found his love for music. Listening to music on his favorite radio stations as a hip youngster of the time. His curiosity for beats was slowly developing. Dj Moe started to mess with his sister’s collection which catapulted into him starting his own collection. His father seeing the passion for music in this young man actions, purchased him his first turntable. This is where his record collection blossomed even more as now he was keeping up to the time with all genres of music. Classic Sundays with DJ Mystique every Sunday 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm.

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. Charlton Gordon alias DJ Dean attended Maxfield Park Primary School to further his education at Norman Manley Comprehensive High School. As the culture of music and sound systems developed, DJ Dean got a break in the music world as a resident DJ at Omen Night Club. As his passion developed and with practice, he focused on his Djing skills which would soon pay of. DJ Dean started to make his own path in the DJ world. He left Omen Night Club and started to play Upsetter Sound in 1998, then transitioned to another sound system called Sound Wave in 2003. He left Sound Wave in 2006 to where he started selecting on Love Sound. His commitment to the Love Sound ended in 2010 where he moved to the sound Muzik Nashun and still reside on the sound to this day.

Born in Willesden England and growing up in Kingston Jamaica, Tony Owens started out playing vinyl records in 1978 on the “CLOSE ENCOUNTER DISCO”. He also was a regular guest of RJR’s Holford Plummer Saturday night “Disco Mania” show on RJR Radio 2 (Now FAME FM) between 1982 – 1988. However it was July 1999 to September 2011 that marked the period when he captured the hearts of Jamaicans who listened to RJR (Radio Jamaica) on a Saturday morning (The Epiphany) 5 – 9 am, where he whipped up a storm of classic oldies of different genres. DJ Tony Owens hosts the "Back In The Day" show every Saturday starting 9.00 AM to Noon EST.

Impulse Disco LLC, a open format Miami and Caribbean-based Sound system, was established in 2003 by siblings that grew up listening to their father DJ Mystique and family Metrix International play music all over the Miami area. Because of their love of the music they formed their own sound system Impulse Disco with DJs Specs, Tops and Destiny. They started off by playing local weddings and house parties around the Miami Area. As their popularity and Fanbase began to grow, they were approached in 2004 to have a slot on a local underground radio station Vibes 92.7 FM which help set the foundation for Impulse Disco to be recognized by other DJs and sound systems. Listen to "Impulsive Tuesdays" with the Impulse Disco starting 9pm to 12am.