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Esran ‘Billy Slaughter’ Philliips is a patriarch of the sound system and disc jockey business. Known for his harsh delivery that demolishes other selectors and sound systems, annihilating them to a place of no recovery, earned him the name Billy Slaughter.

He is the most feared DJ in the dancehall and rose to fame over the past 21 years while working at Stone Love. A job, he quickly got after delivering a smack down to Stone Love in a clash while working on another sound system. He has a long history of over 31 years in the dancehall and holds the enviable position of the number one disc jockey.

Slaughter graced the stage of several sound systems prior to Stone Love. Among them Gemini, Xplicit, Turbo Charge and Deltone as well as Loving Pauper and General Gafe. In those days he went by the name Lamp Oil which was changed by DJ Rory to Marin Luther when he joined Stone Love.

Slaughter, as he is affectionately called hails from the cools hills of rural St. Andrew in Jamaica. An electrical engineer by training he boasts skills such as his ability for managing, organising, planning, audience assessment anavar for fat loss and his analytical skills plus his command of the operations of Stone Love that are mentioned among his keys to success.

Esran is a graduate of the Pembroke Hall Secondary School where he earned himself a school leaving certificate. This 46 year old father of five, holds down the widest selection of music over the decades. He holds his hat to DJ Rory and Glamour Wayne whom he considers his mentors. A highly spiritual person, he is motivated by his firm belief in God supported by the music.

The invincible Billy Slaughter claim to fame is the many clashes that he has managed to survive, walking away unscathed. Among the most notable are his demolitions in 1990 to 1992. Along with Rory and Chico, he ‘dussed’ out Super D and Jam Rock sounds in 1990 and Denhan Town, Jamaica would never be the same again. Advancing to defend his title, in 1991 while at the Spanish Town Prison Oval and playing against Killamanjaro being backed by the veteran Charlie Chaplain, retreat was not an option and he and father of sound systems, Wee Pow delivered the missiles from Brigadier Jerry’s Rastaman Bangarang and sent Killamanjaro to its ‘grave’.

But, it was not until that fateful weekend ‘massacre’ in 1992 that Slaughter made his name. Beginning the Thursday, Martin Luther dethroned Exodus and Silver Hawk when he fired back with Shabba Ranks’ Oil Up. Friday night he was joined by Roy and even before the fingers were fully engaged, Ninja Man and Crystal Sound were surrounded by yellow tape. Then came Sunday night, easily the night when the greatest injuries were delivered in the dancehall. Beach Line at Hellshire was the place and promoters Laing, Bigga Ford and Derrick brought in Stone Love with the Martin Luther. But the night was ominous as danger loomed in the shadows. All arguments settled, Martin Luther and Lamp Oil were no more. The world woke up on Monday to an executioner that would now be known as Billy Slaughter.

Slaughter’s work has since brought him to the Caribbean and the wider Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. He wants to expand this international experience to also leave his seal on Australia and the greater Middle Eastern countries.

Don’t be fooled by his armour, he is considered very approachable and sociable. You will find Slaughter defending his own in discussions from sports to religion to politics. When not working, you will also see a docile side of the Slaughter as he passes his time playing computer games.