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Kool Vibz Wenzdaze

Kool Vibes Wenzdaze

Kool Vibz Wenzdaze

DJ Duval grew up in one of the most political areas in Jamaica,Craig Town, a small inner community of Jones Town, Kingston 12.  As a boy he listened sounds like Papa Roots Hi-Fi though he could not attend the venue.

He started out playing on a tube amp his uncle had locked up at his grandma’s house, playing it by the influence of his big sister.  He could never attend any dances as he was under strict rule and education was priority being the vehicle for not being a ghetto statistic.  As a footballer he got into hanging out with a sound Stax International through a youth club affiliation, seeing an unknown Yellow Man DJ and Peter Ranking (later dubbed Peter Metro).  However, from his bed some nights he could hear sounds like Arrows International, Gemini, Virgo playing from Bamboo Lounge or Enid Anglin Community Center and wishfully thinking of being that selector.

As time passed he never got that opportunity, but got a small break to play at Valentine’s Day party off Lyndhurst Road with his uncle’s tube amp with one turntable and no mixer, then again at the corner of his street and his sweet 16 party. He continued to play in a small room on the weekends on a record player entertaining the guest.  As he saved his lunch money and bought records at Discoland or Aquarius records when he could, his passion for being a selector was still in limbo as he was bashful never had connections and feared rejection.  He finally got his break though!! Patience is certainly a virtue!!

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