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DJ Foodie

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Born in 1978 at UWI and raised in August Town, Foodie grew up with music around him. His yard was known for where parties used to be kept on a regular basis.  Foodie’s father used to work with Wee Pow (Owner of Stone Love) back in the 70’s but had to give it up due to transportation issues. So the saying goes, like father like son, sound system fever was running through his veins from early.

During high school years is when he started getting involved with sound systems. His friend (Dj Scientist) started a sound called Black Ice. He found at that time that mixing was an art and something he had to learn. Yes the fire time was a disaster (LOL). So Foodie resorted to sort out records and helped move the sound to where they were playing the next event.

As experience was gained, Black Ice (Dj Scientist and Foodie) joined forces with Prestige Sound from Tavern (Area in Kingston) in 1995/1996. Shortly after they left Prestige and joined Star Force from Stand Pipe (Area in Kingston) in the later part of 1996. Though not a member of Star Force, Foodie supported his brother Dj Scientist who became Star Forces Selector during that time.

As the saying goes, “Being In The Right Place At The Right Time”. In 1996 Dj Scientist and Foodie as a team gave a stellar performance when Star Force played the iconic sound of Mello Canary at the Student Union (Located at the University Of The West Indies). Impressed with their skills the owner of Mello Canary at that time (Squeeze) recruited them. This was where Foodie’s Djing skills started and developed rapidly as he was hungry and determined to become a Dj. He learned the fundamentals of being a Dj from ground zero and adding to the knowledge of music he knew before, he learned other genres. (Oh yes and mixing!).

Foodie left Mellow Canary/ Skyy Disco in 2001 and started to work with Jerry D and another sound called Bad Influence for roughly 2.5 years

In November 2003 he established residence with the sound Renaissance Disco and up to this day, he still flies the Renaissance flag operating out of Canada via


  • Foodie was the resident Dj as he created the atmosphere and vibe before every match day for “The Reggae Boys Road to France Campaign!”
  • Bad Influence was Portmore’s number one sound for 2002.
  • Renaissance – 2004/2010
  • Resident Dj for West Indies Home games including World Cup Cricket 2007.
  • Foodie was the recipient for outstanding work with Jamaica Basketball Association 2004/2005.
  • Sound of the year 2009 Youth View Awards!
  • Fort Lauderdale Top Streaming Radio Station 2018!

Check out “Fire Side” with Renaissance’s DJ Foodie every Saturday starting at 6 pm till 9 pm EST.