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Born April 24, 1956 Brooklyn New York. Dj Moe goes by many names Bandit, Driver are just a couple. He enjoys watching auto racing and movies, playing billiards whilst hanging around positive people.

At a early age Dj Moe found his love for music. Listening to music on his favorite radio stations as a hip youngster of the time. His curiosity for beats was slowly developing. Dj Moe started to mess with his sister’s collection which catapulted into him starting his own collection. His father seeing the passion for music in this young man actions, purchased him his first turntable. This is where his record collection blossomed even more as now he was keeping up to the time with all genres of music.

As time passed Dj Moe started to seriously get in-depth with Djing. He acquired another turntable from someone looking out for his best of interest and decided to upgrade the existing turntable that he received from his father with a new one. During this upgrade also came the mixer and not to forget the Sansui Reverb. Before long, Dj Moe had his complete set up and started to play at basement parties and other functions throughout New York. Mastering his craft of blending, mixing, and of course the art of selecting the songs to make the party people move. Dj Moe became a household name as a great Dj to hire when you need the party jump of. His quote when he doesn’t want to do something is Naaaaah!

Till this day Dj Moe still does what he did back in the days and can be heard on every Sunday with his partner Dj Mystique from 6pm to 9pm EST.

Tune in to Classic Sundays with DJ Mystique every Sunday 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm.