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Current show

Get Up and GO

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DJ Pablo P – Hardcore Movement

DJ Pablo P – Hardcore Movement shows

Hardcore Movements Inc. is a registered company sound system that has been around since 1989. They started in Jamaica giving mixed tapes to local buses in the Kingston & St. Andrew area. They then migrated to the U.S.A. and played in and around South Florida area; concentrating in southwest Miami where their base was at Ram Jam (where they started in Miami). They have been to Atlanta, Orlando, West Palm Beach, North Carolina, California, (USA) with offers from Chicago , Texas, New York, the US virgin Island, and internationally they have been to Belize and Jamaica with offers right now on “the table” from Canada , St Kitts, and the London, just to name a few places to feel the “good wrath” of HARDCORE movements.

HARDCORE Movements Inc. is a co-operation which consist of members:

In Jamaica, Miami, New York , Canada and Barbados

With their versatile style of playing (Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, Oldies, R& B , Slow jams) they are in High demand. Also with our members we try to meet that demand.

HARDCORE would like to big up, HARDCORE movements fans, “the late and great ” Clint O’Niel, Eddie Edwards Jamaica Awarness (Miami), DJ Bones (Irie FM Jamaica), all friends who have helped us along the way, all Jamaican, Caribbean, Belize and USA, Canadian and European fans.

OUR PROMISE — We will Love , honor, and respect all crews and will continue to play the best music has to offer to give the “True Musical Experience.”

Check out “Hardcore Vibes” Every Friday at 9 PM thru  Midnight EST.

Contact info:

IG and Twitter: @pablohcm

Facebook: pablohcm

Booking at :